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How To Remodel Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

Have you always wanted to revamp your bathroom but you’re not confident that your finances can make it happen? Before you delete your collection of sophisticated hotel-inspired bathrooms which you took the time to save on your Pinterest boards hoping that one day you’ll get to live that dream, do know that it is possible and you don’t need to sell both your kidneys to make your dream bathroom a reality. Kidding aside, bathroom remodeling isn’t really as expensive as it looks. In fact, if you set a reasonable budget you can actually work your way around it and achieve the look you want without losing any of your vital organs. At first, it’s going to feel impossible but with creativity and research you can actually build an elegant looking bathroom for less! Let’s find out how to do bathroom remodeling without breaking the bank.

Use Cheaper Alternatives

You don’t have to throw away stuff from your old bathroom. Instead of ditching those in the bin you can actually retain them and make them look new by simply refurbishing your old materials. You can also choose cheaper alternatives. For instance, if you are rooting for actual wood plank for your floors you can swap those out and use vinyl flooring instead. For countertops, instead of going for expensive granite you can use laminate and quartz. They are cheaper but they still make your countertops look elegant. Get more assistance for better bathroom remodeling ideas at Wellington bathroom remodeling.

How To Remodel Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

Reline or Refinish Your Bathtub

If you are contemplating about replacing your old bathtub, hold that thought. Purchasing a new tub can be expensive and trust us; it’s going to hurt your budget. Instead of throwing it away why don’t you refinish it? It’s a more cost-effective method than getting a new tub. Bathroom remodeling doesn’t mean throwing away old stuff. With the right creativity and vision, you can make something old look new.

 Repaint Your Cabinets and Buy New Hardware

Here’s the truth, installing new cabinets are downright expensive. If you don’t have that kind of budget but you’re sick and tired of looking at your old cabinets all you need to do is to give them a fresh new look by repainting them and by replacing your old hardware. Believe it or not but doing so will make a huge difference in your bathroom. However, before you shop for new hardware for your bathroom remodeling project, make sure that the screws align so you won’t have to drill again.


Paint Your Interior Walls

If you are going to hire a professional painter it means you’re going to have to spend more. Painting small spaces is actually doable compared to painting an entire house. In such case, you’ll need professional painters to do the job but if it’s just the bathroom we’re talking about you can actually paint it yourself. It doesn’t require expert skills to paint.

So you see, bathroom remodeling isn’t really THAT expensive. You can make use of what you have and just improve it. Combining all these minor changes will make a big impact on the overall look of your bathroom! You can splurge on new paintings or frame old photographs and hang them on the wall for ornamentation or you can add a few potted plants to give your bathroom life. There are thousands of ways to beautify a room without spending much.