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Underfloor Heating – Efficient Way Of Commercial And Domestic Heating

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The concept of ‘underfloor heating’ is very similar to that of central heating system. Most countries, especially those experiencing chilly and cold climate, consider underfloor heating system as the main heating source. But many of those who have an old house and do not have inbult heating systems can easily rely on castiron radiators as they are very much in trend these days as well as they are cost effective too.

Underfloor heating in different countries work by installing a full network of convecting heaters underneath the ground. The heating system can be water or electrical based depending on two factors – what are your heating requirements and the how you operate the heating process in your house.

underfloor heating

Electrical underfloor heating are available in roll-out mats that are pre-assembled or in kits which needs to be assembled. You can lay the heating system under the floor all by yourself or even hire a qualified electrician for connecting the system to the main supply and fitting a sensor which connects to a thermostat. This will allow you to control the floor’s temperature. Without this, you may end up burning your feet. On the other hand, water based system consists of a series of underfloor pipes that are connected to the boiler directly. In an electrical system, flooring can be directly placed on top of wires which emit the heat. Where as a floating floor is required in a water based system so that there is enough space for the pipes and there is no chance of getting them crushed under the flooring’s weight. Modern underfloor heating systems available in the market these days make use of high tech digital thermostats for regulating temperature as well as maximising energy efficiency.

Underfloor heating kits are usually of two types – water and electrical based. With technological advancement, improved versions of electrical heaters are being introduced all over the world. Electric heating systems make use of a ceramic or laminated flooring. There advantages of various underfloor heating kits includes the following:

underfloor heating waterbased

• Quick and effective room heating
• Cost effective
• Energy efficient
• Eco-friendly
• Less maintenance required
• Less consumption of electricity
• Reduces dust circulation
• Secure and safe for health conscious users
• Flexible in controlling heat

There are a number of reasons underfloor heating has proved to be beneficial. The most obvious benefit is source of heat. With energy prices going up, every home-owner tries to save money in every possible way. Though initial installation of underfloor heating system would require you to spend few bucks, but the long term benefits are excellent. Once you install the system, you will find better heat conservation in your house or business premises. This will even help you to cut down the annual heating bill.
While looking for a new heating system, consider the use of underfloor heating systems for the numerous benefits they have.